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  • Image of TRIPLE ONE TEE
  • Image of TRIPLE ONE TEE

In October of 2017, a hip-hop group by the name of Triple One are on the verge of some of the biggest performances they had ever known. While their music had already become renowned for turning listeners into a hoard of wailing ghouls, the taste of such dark art had consumed one in particular.

Billy Gunns, having over the years mastered control of the forces imbued into their music, decided one fateful night to take Triple One to the next level. With Obi Ill Terrors as a willing participant, Marty Bukakke Large and Lil Dijon looked on in horror as Gunns delivered a dose of a collab he’d been working on with the Prince of Darkness, straight to Obi’s frontal lobe.

What was meant to be an upgrade quickly turned into something out of their control, with Obi’s bloodlust and hunger for the mic leading the boys on an MC-killing spree that was to never end.

- Pre-aged fabric.

- 200gsm / 100% Cotton